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NHTI Visual Arts Capstone Showroom: Summer 2021



Scroll below for this semester's artist capstone.

Ashley Surette
Paint Brushes

Ashley Surette

Artist Statement

Floral Delight

After being on hiatus from the studio for a decade, I felt it was important to experiment and play more than ever. In this act of play, I’ve come to realize that my joy resides in allowing the paint to form and move organically. I’m drawn to fluidity, textures, and vibrant colors. With my appreciation for nature, I have created a series that represents the vibrancy and organic expression found in the natural world.  


I have completed a series of paintings on stretched 20x20 inch square canvases, aside from one. From my perspective, the square shape allows the viewers vision to naturally find the center, creating a natural frame. I have used Liquitex pouring medium along with various brands of acrylic paint. The low viscosity of the medium affords the opportunity to utilize gravity and surface tension; it mimics the patterns found in streams, waterfalls, or sand dunes on a micro or macro levels. I have also used other items, such as leaves, sticks, and strings to imprint natural floral patterns. 

Click an image below to enlarge it in full detail.

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