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by Moriah Sanborn
Artist Statement


Emotional impact and meaning are very important in my work. In this series titled “Growth,” my work explores and illustrates aspects of time: how time changes the physical appearance of things, and how it affects our perceptions and experiences. 
Ink has been a constant teacher of mine. It is a medium that allows me to focus on the creative process, the flow of ideas, and intuitive, artistic response. The power and boldness of ink balanced by its soft, fluid appearance allows me to convey the flexibility and confidence required for growth. 
This series is strongly influenced by nature and the inherent emotion present in organic beings. The images are bold, yet soft, structured, but organic. This juxtaposition serves to demonstrate what is necessary for growth, and inherently, for life. My intention in the creation of this series is to demonstrate growth not only in its physical sense, but the emotional experience of growth as well.

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