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Mixed Media Self-Portraits 

by Madison Elgner
Artist Statement

Photography has given me the freedom of self-expression, and honestly a sense of self-worth. This medium has given me greater confidence as an artist than drawing and painting. Upon discovering photography I could finally convey what was inside my head and actually be satisfied with my results.

Very few of my images are made with a motive behind them. My intent is to remain authentic to my inner vision, make it visible, and share it with others. I enjoy playing with color, and experimentation, and I hope that is evident when one views my pieces. I am not going to lie and say I am trying to transform the world and your minds with my work, with their deep-rooted meanings, because what’s the point? But I will say I hope I have drawn your attention by the directness and honesty of my imagery.

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Elgner 1(1).jpg
Elgner 2(1).jpg
Elgner 3(1).jpg
Elgner 4(1).jpg
Elgner 5(1).jpg
Elgner 6(1).jpg
Elgner 8(1).jpg
Elgner 9(1).jpg
Elgner 10(1).jpg
Want to see more? Click to view my full portfolio here.
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