Preserving  History and the Craftmanship of Victorian Homes in New Hampshire through Illustration

by Joshua Ramalhinho
Artist Statement

I have always been interested in the history and appreciated the craftsmanship of Victorian houses. They are relics from another time – each one with a different character and a unique story to tell. Exploring the distinctive physical identities these houses present is the focus of my capstone exhibition.

Using graphite pencil as the medium, I have created a series of drawings of Victorian houses in New Hampshire that test my drawing skills in perspective with the challenges that historical architecture presents.

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Hills House, 211 Derry Road, Hudson (NH). It was built in 1890 by Boston architect Hubert G. Ripley. Shingle style architecture.

G.O. Sanders House, 10 Derry Street, Hudson (NH). It was built in 1873-1875 by New Hampshire architect George Sanders. French Second Empire style architecture.

Stephen Mansfield House, 70 Concord Street, Nashua (NH). It was built in 1888-1889. Queen Anne style architecture.

House at 91 Concord Street, Nashua (NH).  It was built in 1891.

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