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Griffin Pendleton

Artist Statement

Hi my name is Griffin I have been working on a portrait project. My subjects are people I have known throughout my life such as friends and family. Most are like from the chest up. These were studio portraits. I set up lights how I felt would make the photos look the best. So for the most part it's portraits of friends and family.

I moved the lights in different ways to get things like different shadows. I also had somewhere I decided to just have one light or both open. Some of the photos came out blurry or the shadows were too much but I did some trial and error to figure out which pictures were best. I also did multiple of one position and set of lighting so i could try and possibly get the best angle and to see if i could make it less blurry. I did these portraits to try and capture the features of different people of different ages...

Overall I did this to see how light from one or two lights changes. Or how the angle can make the light change how it looks when pointed up or less light is showing. It was also good since I can have chances to try and tell people what to do and how to sit since I am a very introverted person.

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