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Scary Characters

by Elizabeth Keleher
Artist Statement

I have always loved the horror/thriller themes that you see in movies and television shows and this, coupled with some of my own terrifying nightmares and favorite freaky films, became the inspiration for this series of original characters. I produced my characters using a mixture of prisma gray and black pencils, micron pens, paint, and charcoal. Then to heighten the scare factor, I include various three-dimensional elements.


“The Warning”

As scary as she looks, she is here to help. She stands off in the trees and the more danger you are in the closer she appears. She will never hurt you, only warn you.


“The Smile”

They are kept behind bars to keep them from hurting others, but these bars won't hold them forever. They move back and forth waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


“The Masked”

As a hitwoman, you need to keep your identity a secret. She never removes her disguise to keep herself protected, but it's been on there so long it almost looks glued to her face.


“The Shadow”

She is what you feel when you aren’t looking directly in the mirror. She’s the presence that just feels “off”.


“The Doll”

She was bored of her worthless life. Working 9-5 at some desk every day. The only thing that mattered was the dolls that were carefully placed around her house, her only friends. One day she decided to join them, sat down, and never moved, like a doll


“The Sister”

Three women keep their set of eyes on others, waiting for them to step out of line. If you are so unlucky to get caught you'll be sucked into their void, but don't be scared, you aren't the only one in there.


“The Fearful”

This is who is being scared. She can't take these things haunting her constantly, even if they aren't there to harm her, she just can't take it anymore.

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