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by Coryn Abood
Artist Statement

Using digital media with an artistic, painterly gesture in style, I am creating a graphic novel series. The story represents a visual dialogue that is between a part of me and my fantasy character named Evelyn. My character provides the narrative of the story of what I want to tell visually in my fantasy environment where Evelyn can travel through and explore the unknown worlds. I have selected a color palette that allows for both light and dark elements. Within an overall darker tone, optimism is suggested with the use of enhanced color and vibrancy.

“Tale of Two Worlds”

In these pieces, I wanted to give the audience a graphic novel style cover as it will help push the idea of two different worlds that the main character, Evelyn will be experiencing. I wanted to show the world that she comes from as it is a dystopian harsh world that is man-made with little to no organic life, and the world that she lives has no way of producing natural air. As for the second half of her, I wanted to capture her as enlightened by the world she has found, being able to breathe and to discover a place where man-made objects cannot capture.

Front Cover.jpg

“City’s Scrap Yard”

This image I wanted to show a portion of world-building and show the city from afar and show the boundaries outside of the city, and to reveal the corrupted outland scrap yard that humans have created to create the wasteland.

Capstone City Junkyard v2.png

“Living in the City”

Living in the City is about showing what’s in the actual city itself. I created shapes and give the tone of inorganic and compacted to show that the city is overpopulated and gives off the tone of corruption. I gave the city a bright red to show a dominating world as there was once passion in the world but is slowing fading.

Capstone In the City.png

“The Unknown: Into the Other Side”

I created this piece to show her repairing the tablet that she had found during her time in the Scrapyard and her trying to figure out what this object is in her apartment/workshop. What she had discovered was that it was actually an interdimensional tablet, and it created a portal of vivid greens and yellows and give off some plant-like leaves in some areas around the portal.

Capstone-The Unknown.png

“The Other Side”

The final piece I wanted to capture her going through the portal and taking a risk as to what this tablet can do. In contrast to the vivid green portal from before, I wanted to contrast the two to show where this portal leads to, and once she goes through, to show where she came from. I kept her with the mask on to show a cautious nature of not knowing what the air will be like on the other side. But I wanted her goggles off of her face to show the disbelieve of what she stepped into, taking in the unknown territory.

Capstone-The Other-Side.png
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