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Bethany Downs

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Artist Statement

Everyone experiences emotions. For me, color is emotion, emotion is color.
I am intermission is a twelve-panel narrative that encapsulates wildly different perspectives of
the world and presents them through a combination of ink, watercolor, and written word. In each
panel color not only contributes to making the image visible, but it transmits the emotion at the heart of the image.

I am Intermission is meant to open conversation about what you are seeing and the emotions
that visual experience generates. If I were to take away the written directive, how do you feel about what you see?

I Am Intermission


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The Banshee

At a loss for words
Silence fills the space
Grief fills out hearts
For some,
An endless void
For some,
The end
For others,
A reunion

Sadness strikes again

Be gentle still breeze
Take wind,
And carry my heed
For the banshee,

She did come a callin’

The Unseen

Knowledge is power.
Power of a different kind.
To be lost in the mind,
There is one thing you will find.
The truth is behind all of mankind.

Hiding in the wings.
If you listen closely,
You can hear them ring,
Or quite even possibly,
You’ve heard them sing.

Pay attention my friends,
Fore they’re right there as you tend,
To your garden, you see,
Fore in nature,

They are free.

Drowning One Day

I’m drowning in this sea of fate.
Throw me a line and save me from misery.
Teach me the ways and show me the
Forgive and forget.
Educate and enlight.

Today is the day I want to begin

Take it all,
Feel high and divine.
Let me fall from your graces,
Unveil the hatred inside.

An Apology to the gods

I don’t have time for your rhymes,
We have to hurry up,
Dive into the lines
Of a life, where somebody tries,
To trace the mind,
Of a man who is blind,
To the crimes of the people,
Who could only wish they had a
For we live in a time,
Where no one can be inclined,
To rise up against,
The tides and ask a fellow man in
the skies,

He will let me apologize.

The One

I sang a soft melody,
With tears in my
I asked him for a
That I would make it
out alive

The Light

Frustration. Struggle. Grief. Disappointment. Anger.
The weak are ill intentioned.
We break without hesitation.
To the top of the mountain, I shall climb.
To seek advice from the Divine.
A storm is coming.
The Earth is humming.
Strength from the fire.
Acquire before you tire.
To the moon for light.
So maybe you can sleep at night.
Far gone the days of loyalty.
For royalty is all that remains.
Peasants take their place.
For there will surely be a race.
Reach high, stand free.
For you might discover the glee.
Shadows come as they feel.
Changing what is real.
Happiness is intense.
But per chance it is only a pretense.
Scaffolding may fall.
But listen carefully and you'll hear the call.
The wind is restless.
Life is an endless cycle of testament.
We the people must unite.
Together we must fight.
For the sake of the children.
We must rid our ill intention.
Take flight with me.
And you just might see.
The light within side of me.

To Write

I want to write something meaningful, something strong.
But the words are all wrong.
Typing and strumming.
Thinking and drumming.
I just want to write how I feel.
But I can see my eye lids floating, and my heartbeat dropping.

I want to write something meaningful, something strong.
But the words are all wrong.
Wiring and pacing.
Fighting and erasing.

I just want to write how I feel.
But I can feel myself wandering.

I want to write something meaningful, something strong.

The words will come when they’re at peace and ready.
But until then, I will ponder and ponder, on the words I wish to squander.
When all is done, and wasted, I will see the light.
The pieces I need to finish the night.
I state, and I wonder,
Have I done it right?